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Community Grant Program


The 2019 Community Grant Program is now closed.

Many services or projects in Clarington are provided by volunteers working for local community organizations. Clarington Council is committed to working with organizations and supporting them with Community Grant funding. It is our hope that these organizations will eventually become financially self-sufficient.

The Community Grant Program provides financial assistance to not-for-profit, volunteer community organizations to provide direct programs or services that benefit the residents of Clarington.

Organizations must meet eligibility criteria, and go through the application process. Eligible organizations can receive funding for one (1) successful grant application per year up to a maximum of $5,000. Applicants are further encouraged to pursue other opportunities for financial support and are eligible to apply for funding for events through the Community Event Sponsorship Program. However, they must not receive funding through the annual municipal budget process. Organizations must be in and must remain in good financial standing with the Municipality of Clarington.

Eligibility criteria

The following are eligible to apply to the Community Grant Program:

  • Registered (Federal or Provincial) Not-for-Profit, or a local Board of the Municipality delivering programs, events or services that are not the responsibility of another level of government (Municipal, Regional, Provincial or Federal) to the residents of Clarington.
  • Local volunteer community organizations with a duly elected executive that hold an Annual General Meeting, maintain a constitution and by-laws, delivering programs, events or services that are not the responsibility of another level of government (Municipal, Regional, Provincial or Federal) to the residents of Clarington.
  • Organizations must be non-profit, non-political and non-religious in nature.
  • Organizations that make donations or charitable contributions are ineligible.
  • Community Grant applications must be approved by the organization at a meeting of the executive and those meeting minutes are to be included with the application. 
Intent of Community Grant

Community Grants may be provided to eligible applicants to fund:

  • General operating and capital expenses (with the exception of Hall Boards who may only apply for general operating) up to a $5,000 maximum
  • Programs, events or services generally which occur within municipal boundaries which benefit the residents of Clarington
  • Programs or services that address a community need or contribute to the positive image of the municipality
  • These funds are not to be used for debt repayment
Funding categories

Recreation/Leisure is defined as those organizations offering athletic or leisure opportunities not offered by the Municipality.

Civic is defined as those organizations providing events or services promoting the Municipality of Clarington which could be expected to bring economic and/or public relations benefit to the Municipality.

Social is defined as those organizations offering a specific service (other than recreation/leisure) to residents of the Municipality, which is not considered to be the responsibility of another level of government.

Boards of Council and Hall Boards are defined as groups of individuals who may be appointed by Council. They can also be community groups who manage and maintain a municipally owned facility. (Please note: grants to Boards of Council and Hall Boards will be considered for operational expenses only. Capital requests must be referred to the Operations Department for consideration during the annual municipal budget process).

Community Grant process

During the application period, applications will be available online, from the Municipal Administrative Centre, and most Clarington recreation facilities.

All requests for funding must be accompanied by a fully completed "Community Grant Application" and forwarded to the Community Services Department. Applications must be legible, completed in full, signed and include all required documentation.

Applicants are encouraged to complete the Community Grant Application online and submit directly to

Deadline for submission

The deadline for applications is Friday, February 22, 2019. Late applications will not be accepted.

Successful applicants are required to acknowledge the financial support of the Municipality of Clarington in all advertising and promotion related to the programs, events or services for which the Community Grant was approved.

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