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Development Guidelines

We have prepared a number of design documents which outline the community standards that Council has approved for development in Clarington.

Amenity Guidelines for Medium and High Density Residences

As our Municipality urbanizes, the need for quality amenities becomes more and more essential to the development of apartment and townhouse projects. The Amenity Guidelines for Medium and High Density Residences gives direction for the provision of both indoor and outdoor amenities.

General Architectural Design Guidelines

The purpose of the General Architectural Design Guidelines is to encourage the design of residential buildings which meet the Municipality's design vision.

Landscape Design Guidelines

The purpose of the Landscape Design Guidelines is to communicate the Municipality's expectations for the use of both hard (rocks and fences) and vegetated landscape items in development projects.

Lighting Guidelines

The purpose of the Lighting Guidelines is to limit excess and unnecessary outdoor lighting on commercial, industrial, institutional and multi-residential properties.

Traffic Impact Study Guidelines

Traffic Impact Study Guidelines have been prepared to provide land owners, development companies, and consultants with an approach to preparing traffic impact studies that will meet the requirements of the Municipality. You can also explore Clarington's Traffic Information Map for existing traffic conditions and available traffic data.

Guidelines for Noise Attenuation Along Arterial Roads

The Guidelines for Noise Attenuation Along Arterial Roads provide alternatives to the use of dull-looking noise fences for blocking or reducing noise from arterial roads.

Site Plan Approval Handbook

Most development projects must proceed through the Site Plan approval process. This involves the review of detailed drawings which show the arrangement of buildings and other physical changes to a property (i.e. driveways, parking areas, landscaping, etc.). The Site Plan Approval Handbook provides guidance on how to understand and proceed through the Site Plan approval process - from the preconsultation meeting up to final construction.



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