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Climate Change

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Clarington Climate Action Plan

As the effects of climate change increase, Clarington will continue to experience weather that is warmer, wetter and wilder. These changes will bring challenges to our Municipality. With this knowledge, Clarington’s Interdepartmental Climate Change Working Group is developing a corporate Climate Action Plan to enable the Municipality to make informed decisions to respond to climate change as part of municipal operations.

The Municipality is engaging in a five-stage approach to develop its corporate Climate Action Plan:

Phase One – Initiate – Complete
Phase one involves identifying stakeholders, forming an Interdepartmental Climate Action Working Group, taking a first look at current risks and existing climate action strategies and passing a resolution to take action to respond to climate change by creating a Corporate Climate Action Plan.
Phase Two – Research – In progress
Phase two involves initiating research to gain a deeper understanding of climate change in Clarington. This includes creating a greenhouse gas pollution inventory and undertaking a risk assessment, highlighting the consequences and likelihood of climate-related events in Clarington. It also involves completing a vulnerability assessment and outlining the sensitivity and adaptive capacity of the Municipality.
Phase Three – Plan
During phase three, the Clarington Interdepartmental Climate Action Working Group will engage in a series of work sessions to set goals and identify options, actions and constraints to respond to climate change. The Working Group will evaluate potential actions, and financing and implementation alternatives to create the Climate Change Action Plan. At the end of this phase, staff will present a Draft Climate Action Plan to Council for approval.
Phase Four – Implement
Once the Corporate Climate Action Plan is approved by Council, the Clarington Interdepartmental Climate Action Working Group will implement the actions outlined in the Plan. Staff will identify successes and seek to solve new challenges that may arise while implementing the Plan.
Phase Five – Monitor/Review
Staff will track the ongoing implementation of the Climate Action Plan, identifying and reporting on successes and challenges. Staff will evaluate the effectiveness of actions, communicate accomplishments, identify future climate action options and prepare for future updates to the Climate Action Plan.

Durham Community Climate Adaptation Plan

The Municipality of Clarington recognizes the need for our community to adapt to a changing climate. According to a special report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, even if we were to stop emitting greenhouse gasses today, we would still experience some climate change due to the greenhouse gas emissions humans have already released into the atmosphere.

The Municipality of Clarington partnered with the Region of Durham, area municipalities, conservation authorities, and many other stakeholders in Durham Region to develop the Durham Community Climate Adaptation Plan.

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