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Planning Services assisting a customer

What is pre-consultation and why do I need it?

A pre-consultation meeting allows potential applicants and/or their authorized representatives to present and discuss a development proposal with relevant staff and external agencies. The meeting provides staff with the opportunity to clarify the application process.

The meeting also allows staff and agencies to provide preliminary comments on the development proposal, identify any key issues, comment on the approvals that will be required, and confirm the supporting information/materials/studies that must be submitted with the planning application to be considered a complete application under the Planning Act. This process will hopefully lead to faster application approvals with reduced modifications being required.

A pre-consultation meeting is required prior to the acceptance of an application for:

  • Official Plan Amendments
  • Zoning By-Law Amendments
  • Draft Plans of Subdivision
  • Draft Plans of Condominium
  • Site Plan Approvals

A meeting may be required for Part Lot Control, Land Division, and Committee of Adjustment applications at the discretion of the Planning Services Department.

After the pre-consultation meeting, staff will provide the applicant and/or owner with signed Minutes of Pre-consultation. The minutes will contain a list of information and materials that will be required to process the subject applications. The applicant and/or owner will be required to sign that they concur with the minutes and submit the minutes as part of a complete application. The minutes will expire after six months of the meeting, and should this occur, a further meeting may be required at the discretion of the Planning Services Department.

These applications will only be accepted when accompanied by the Record of Pre-consultation confirmed and signed by staff.

How do I arrange a pre-consultation?

To arrange a pre-consultation meeting, complete the Pre-consultation Request Form, provide a conceptual site plan (layout of the proposal) and the required pre-consultation fee to the Planning Services Department. Completed forms, including any required documents, may be emailed to and payment of the pre-consultation fee can be made online at

Once these items have been received, staff will schedule a meeting. Pre-consultation meetings are typically held on Thursday mornings.

Conceptual site plan required information

A conceptual site plan will be required in PDF format or two hard copies, with all measurements indicated in metric. The plan should be to scale and illustrate the following:

  • All property boundaries and approximate dimensions
  • Location of existing buildings and parking spaces
  • Location of proposed buildings and parking spaces (including estimated distance from nearest property lines)
  • Existing surrounding land uses
  • Location of all private servicing (well, septic)
  • Existing and proposed property entrances and driveways (including description of surface material)
  • Existing and proposed landscaping (i.e. trees, hedges, fencing ‚Äď include height and type, pond, stream, etc.)
  • Location of watercourses and natural features
  • Building elevations (if applicable)
  • North arrow
  • Property address
  • Other relevant information, as appropriate, to assist staff in understanding the proposal

What is the cost of a pre-consultation meeting?

The cost of a pre-consultation meeting is $200. Should the meeting lead to a planning application, $200 will be applied to the fees associated with that application. Payment of the pre-consultation fee can be made online at


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