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RV and Trailer Parking and Storage Study

Project background

The Municipality has initiated a Recreational Vehicle (RV) and Trailer Parking Storage Study encompassing Clarington’s rural areas. The purpose of the Study is to analyze whether the existing provisions for the parking and storage of RVs and trailers in the rural areas are appropriate and whether further policy options are required for RV and trailer parking and storage.  The Study will also identify land use designations and zoned areas where RV and trailer parking and storage may be appropriate.

RV usage has grown increasingly more popular in recent years as more people embrace an active outdoor lifestyle. With increased RV usage, there are corresponding parking and storage requirements issues that need to be dealt with.

Project status

March 31, 2021 – The Study is currently in Phase 1 – Background Research and Analysis.

A complete background review of relevant policies and best practices among similar municipalities is in progress. The review will be provided for public input once complete.

Public consultation

Public Open House

A virtual Public Open House was held on Wednesday, May 12, 2021, and a copy of the presentation slides can be downloaded under Project Information, below.  

Online surveys

The surveys are now closed. If you would like to provide additional feedback, we encourage to provide your comments to Mitch Morawetz, Senior Planner, 905-623-3379 ext. 2411.

As the Study progresses, we will provide more information, including additional opportunities for consultation. Subscribe to this page for updates.

Project information


Frequently asked questions

What is a recreational vehicle?

A recreational vehicle is a vehicle that is used predominantly for recreational purposes, including recreational trailers, snowmobiles, motorized and non-motorized boats, personal watercraft, all-terrain vehicles and recreational motor vehicles.

Recreational Vehicle Sales and Service 
An establishment where new and/or used recreational vehicles and related accessories are displayed for sale or rent and where recreational vehicles are serviced, repaired, and/or stored.

Recreational Vehicle Storage
A commercial establishment for the storage of licensed recreational vehicles and their trailers.

What is a trailer?
A trailer is a vehicle designed to be attached to a motor vehicle for the purposes of being drawn or propelled. The term trailer does not include a trailer that is designed to be attached to a commercial motor vehicle. 
What is a mobile home?
A mobile home is a dwelling designed to be mobile, and is constructed or manufactured to provide a temporary, mobile or portable residence for one or more persons, but does not include a trailer as defined by By-law 2005-109.
How are RVs and trailers currently regulated?

The parking or storage of more than three RVs or trailers on private property is currently not permitted in Clarington's rural areas, except by site-specific amendment to the Zoning By-law. Outdoor recreational vehicle storage is a permitted use in the General Industrial (M2) Zone and certain exception zones.

In urban residential zones, the parking or storage of more than one RV or trailer on a private property is currently not permitted. A RV or trailer that exceeds 5.5 metres in length or 2.4 metres in height cannot be parked on a driveway for more than 120 hours in one calendar month and must maintain a minimum 0.5 metre setback to the street. A RV or trailer may be parked or stored in a side or rear yard of a private property in an urban residential zone, providing it does not exceed six metres in length or 2.9 metres in height.

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