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We take pride in maintaining our cemeteries, but also recognize the important contributions individuals and families make to the ongoing maintenance of the cemetery grounds.

We offer burials year round. Please call 905-623-3379 ext. 2107 for more information or to arrange for an interment.

To purchase a location, please call the Grounds Keeper at 905-260-0743 to arrange for a meeting. Cemetery Licence Number 3266314.

The Municipality of Clarington maintains five active non-denominational cemeteries and 33 inactive cemeteries.

 Bowmanville Cemetery
Location: 1330 Haines Street, Bowmanville

The Bowmanville Cemetery was established in 1857 on approximately 20 acres of land purchased from James Grant. Five other cemeteries were closed throughout Bowmanville in the following 22 years and grave sites were moved to this present location.

 Bondhead Cemetery
Location: Northeast corner of Queen Victoria Street and Park Lane in Newcastle Village

Originally established by St. George's Anglican Church in Newcastle in 1857 on approximately three acres of land. St. George's had originally planned to build a church on the grounds but changed the location; it was built on Mill Street in Newcastle Village instead. The Municipality took over the cemetery in 1972.

 Hampton Cemetery
Location: South of Concession 6 on Old Scugog Road, Hampton

In 1925, the Hampton Cemetery Board received $425 to manage both the Bible Christian Cemetery and the Hampton Union Cemetery.

 St. George's Cemetery
Location: 2 Browview Road, Newcastle

Originally established in 1873 on approximately two acres of land. St. George's is likely the earliest established cemetery in Clarke Township outside of private plots. St. George's is the final resting place of Samuel Wilmot who, as an early settler, was the first surveyor to survey Clarke Township.

 Orono Cemetery

Lot 28, Concession 5.  Drive north from Highway 401 on Highway 115. Exit at Main Street, Orono. Drive north through Orono on Main Street. When you come to a fork in the road, take the right fork (Mill Street). Drive northeast on Mill Street. The cemetery is on the north side of the road.

To learn more about the rules and regulation surrounding cemeteries, view the The Cemeteries By-Law 2012-061.

Abandoned Cemeteries

Clarington oversees 33 abandoned cemeteries. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does ownership of a grave entitle you to?
Only the person whose name is on the deed has the right to be buried or to allow any burials in that grave.
How can I get a deed transferred?
Transferring ownership of a deed is unique for every transaction. Please call the Clerk's Division for assistance and forms at 905-623-3379 ext. 2107.
How do I purchase a grave?
Arrange a meeting at the cemetery to view the areas available by calling the Grounds Keeper at 905-260-0743.
What are my purchase options?

Ground Burials

At Bowmanville Cemetery, Bond Head Cemetery, St. George's and Orono Cemetery, you can purchase single graves that can accommodate either:

  • one casket and three cremated remains or 
  • only four cremated remains.


At Bowmanville Cemetery, Bond Head Cemetery and St. George's Cemetery you can purchase cremation burial plots. Currently, the Bowmanville, Bond Head, Hampton and Orono Cemeteries have a columbarium, which is an above ground structure specially designed to hold containers of cremated remains. A niche is an individual compartment in a columbarium.

What time can we visit the cemetery?
The cemeteries are open daily, seven days a week, from 8 a.m. until sundown.
When is Decoration Day?
Decoration Day is the third Sunday in July of each year.
Are there any specifications that I need to know before I purchase a monument?

Monuments are to be made of bronze, granite, marble or other durable stone with no vertical joint and no ornament of stone, metal or other material attached.

For details, please call the Grounds Keeper at 905-260-0743.

What can I place and/or plant at the grave?

Place unbreakable flower pots and plant flowers at the front of a grave not more than 30.5 cm from the marker or monument. Floral stands are to be of a single leg support type and may not exceed 122 cm in height, with no more than two stands per monument. These stands are also not to exceed more than 30.5 cm from the marker or monument.

Shrubs and ornamental trees must also be placed directly at the front of the grave. The flowering plant must be placed within 30.5 cm from the marker or monument and must not exceed 122 cm in height.

It is your responsibility to water and weed flowering plants. Watering cans are available near the water tap. Please return after use.


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