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Sidewalk Snow Removal

Snow and ice removal

Clarington's snow clearing by-law gives property owners 24 hours after the end of a snowfall to clear snow and ice from sidewalks bordering their property. Residents must clear the sidewalks of snow to their full width, including between snowfalls or when drifting occurs.

You must also clear "corner links", as shown below:

Photo of corner links near road

Failing to clear the sidewalk of snow and ice could result in a penalty of $150 to $250 per residential property or $4 per metre per industrial/commercial property.

It is the property owner's responsibility to use safety salt or sand on ice and slippery surfaces if necessary.

Why is it important to clear sidewalks?

Residents who use wheelchairs, walkers, canes, strollers and even our youngest residents find it hard to navigate the sidewalks when snow is piled high. Snow or ice covered sidewalks can be treacherous for all residents. To avoid icy sidewalks pedestrians often use roadways causing a traffic and safety hazard.

How do I report snow or ice-covered sidewalks?

You can file a complaint online or by calling 905-623-3379. You will need to provide specific address information.

We accept complaints after at least 24 hours of clear weather.

The Municipal contractor attends every property listed in a complaint. The contractor will take a photo of the area before and after the work is performed, and hang a "yellow door hanger" on the door of the property explaining the situation.

What happens after I receive a "yellow door hanger"?

Sample Yellow Door HangerIf you receive a "yellow door hanger," our Municipal contractor has been sent out in response to a complaint about the sidewalk bordering your property. The contractor has carried out the work necessary to ensure the sidewalk is clear of snow and ice.

After we receive and process the photos and contractor's invoice, you will receive an invoice from the Municipality of Clarington to cover the cost of the snow removal. 

To dispute the work or the invoice, contact By-Law Services.

Snow plowing and street snow removal

We remove snow throughout the Bowmanville, Newcastle and Orono Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) when the depth of snow at the curb reaches 24 inches. Snow is also removed in areas with no boulevard between the sidewalk and road, or when there is not enough space for snow. This program begins after we clear Business Improvement Areas, and when all roads are in good condition. 


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