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Traffic Signs

Contact us by email or by calling 905-263-2291 if you have questions or concerns about the maintenance of the following traffic signs:

  • Stop signs
  • Speed limit signs
  • Street name signs
  • Stop ahead signs

If you have concerns about an intersection and would like to request a new stop sign, please contact Public Works by email or by calling 905-623-3379 ext. 2312.

Damaged or missing signs

If you see that a sign has been destroyed, has fallen down or is illegible, please notify us immediately, as this is a serious safety concern. You can report damaged or missing signs online, by email, or by calling 905-263-2291. After regular business hours, call 905-433-1234.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get an all-way stop installed at an intersection in my neighbourhood?

The purpose of a stop sign is to control the right of way at an intersection. All-way stop controls are installed at the intersection of two relatively equal roadways, having similar traffic volume demand and operating characteristics or in response to high collision rates, excessive vehicular delay, and a high rate of pedestrian crossings at the intersection.

Many people believe that the installation of stop signs will lower the speed at which vehicles travel on a particular street. This in untrue, and may result in higher speeds between stop signs, as drivers accelerate to make up the lost time for having to stop.

Stop signs are only effective at slowing traffic within a short distance of the intersection. Improper use of all-way stop controls unnecessarily restricts traffic flow. At unwarranted locations, drivers who do not expect cross traffic often fail to stop completely at the intersection, which negatively affects pedestrian safety.

For any of the local intersections, submit your comments and requests to the Municipality of Clarington. For all intersections involving a Regional road, please contact the Region of Durham.


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