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All-fibre broadband network expansion

Bell Canada is rolling out its high-speed all-fibre broadband network in the Municipality of Clarington.

Bell has started work in Courtice to upgrade the existing infrastructure from slower copper connections to its much faster fibre-to-the-premises service.

This is a great start to make sure homes and businesses in the Municipality of Clarington are connected and have access to high-speed internet. Clarington is also working with Bell to bring this critical infrastructure to under-serviced areas in the Municipality.

To ensure residents stay informed about the rollout of this all-fibre broadband network, we have created a map of the neighbourhoods that will show where Bell is making the infrastructure upgrades . This map will be updated as Bell installs connections to new neighbourhoods.

Frequently asked questions

Will rural Clarington see all-fibre-broadband?
The Municipality is working with Bell to bring all-fibre broadband to under-serviced areas. This is a process that may take time as Bell begins connecting urban areas and slowly moves to communities that do not have the same level of service.
Why is it so hard to receive this same service in rural areas?
It comes down to the high cost of extending all-fibre broadband to outlying areas. Clarington is mainly serviced by Canada‚Äôs two largest service providers, Bell and Rogers.  The cost of laying fibre optic line is between $80 and $90 per metre. To connect homes, farms and properties in rural areas, you need to run lines over large distances, increasing the cost per kilometre substantially when compared to high-density urban developments. Given the substantial upfront investment required and small potential customer base, currently, internet service providers are not making significant investments in the rural areas. Both the Municipality of Clarington and the Region of Durham are trying to encourage this investment. As mentioned, the Municipality is working with Bell to bring all-fibre broadband to under-serviced areas.
How does it work? How do I connect?
Bell Canada has a comprehensive website that can address many of these technical questions. You can also contact Bell customer support.
How long will it take to see these connections?
As mentioned, Bell Canada will be working in a variety of neighbourhoods as they receive approvals and their capacity allows. The map below will be updated on a regular basis to show where they are installing the connection.
How much does this cost?
If Bell is in your neighbourhood installing the box on municipal property, they will have representatives come and inquire if you want to be connected at no cost, at that time. However, if at a later date, you change your mind and contact Bell to request a connection, the company will charge a fee to extend the service to your home. Please see Bell‚Äôs website for more details.


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