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Crossing Guards

Crossing Guard - COVID-19 Protocol 

The Municipality of Clarington employs adult crossing guards who ensure the safe crossing of students as they travel to and from school. There are approximately 37 crossing guards at 34 locations throughout Clarington. Crossing guards are responsible for crossing elementary school-aged children for both the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board and the Peterborough Victoria Northumberland and Clarington Catholic School Board.

Crossing Guard Appreciation Day - March 24, 2021

March 24, 2021, is School Crossing Guard Appreciation Day in Ontario. The Municipality of Clarington would like to thank all of our neighbourhood crossing guards for their commitment to helping our children get to and from school safely every day.

Become a school crossing guard

If you’re a reliable and safety-conscious individual who is outgoing and enjoys working outdoors in all weather conditions, you may be suited to be an adult crossing guard. We accept applications throughout the year and hire on an as-needed basis. Adult crossing guards work up to 1.5 hours per day in various weather and traffic conditions.

Visit our careers page for more information or to apply.

Three-whistle system

Crossing guards in Clarington use the three-whistle system.

  • First whistle: The crossing guard blows the first whistle, enters the road, holds up the stop sign, and ensures that traffic has stopped. Children must stay on the sidewalk until the guard blows the second whistle.
  • Second whistle: The crossing guard blows the second whistle when it is safe for the children to cross.
  • Third whistle: Once the children have safely crossed the road, the guard leaves the road and blows the third whistle to signify the crossing has ended. Motorists cannot proceed until the third whistle is blown.
Safety tips for children
  • Walk across the road in a quick, orderly fashion (do not run)
  • Pay attention to the crossing guard's instructions (no running, stay off bicycles, skateboards, and do not bounce balls or other sports equipment while crossing)
Safety tips for adults
  • Please respect the crossing guard rules when crossing the road with children. By doing so you:
    • Set a good example for your child(ren), as well as other children
    • Avoid confusing the children who have been taught to follow the crossing guard rules
    • Help to provide the children with a routine for safely crossing the road with a crossing guard when they go to school on their own
  • Respect the crossing guard’s duties and responsibilities and do not park on or near the crosswalk.
Safety tips for motorists in school zones
  • Follow the posted speed limit and other signage such as "No Parking" or "No Stopping." The posted speed limit within an elementary school zone is 40 kilometres per hour.
  • Keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. It is illegal to use any hand-held device while driving. Distractions can take your attention away from the task of driving and places yourself and others at an increased risk of collision.
  • Look for children and crossing guards near school crosswalks. Wait for the crossing guard to blow the third whistle indicating that the children have completed crossing and the crossing guard has safely returned to the sidewalk/curb before proceeding.
  • As a motorist, you must stop when approaching a stopped school bus with its upper red lights flashing and stop arm extended. Do not move until the red lights have stopped flashing, the stop arm retracts, and the bus begins to move.

How to identify a crossing guard

Crossing guards wear a fluorescent yellow vest and carry a whistle and a stop sign.


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