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Do I Need a Permit

You must get a building permit before you start work on a new house, an addition, or before making any significant alterations to an existing house. Permits are geared to those projects where health and safety matters are involved, and exist to protect you, other homeowners, building occupants, future owners and the community.

Permits are normally required for:

Permits are not normally required for:

  • Detached structures 10 square metres or less
  • Decks that are 60 centimetres or less from grade
  • Replacement of windows, doors, roofing or siding
  • New interior wall, floor or ceiling finishes
  • Repairs to chimneys, porches, decks or roofs
  • Waterproofing repairs to a basement
  • Replacement of plumbing fixtures
  • Replacement of a furnace


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