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Are dogs and cats allowed to run free anywhere in Clarington?
The short answer is no. Pets, including cats, must always be on a leash when off the owner's property. Except for a leash-free dog park, dogs must be on a leash in all parks or green areas. If you encounter a dog or cat running at large, please submit an online complaint.
What can I do about dog owners who do not pick up after their dog?
Owners are required to "stoop and scoop" in an immediate and sanitary manner when walking their pet. It may not be a pleasant job, but it is mandatory. Our parks, boulevards, schoolyards and green spaces are for everyone's enjoyment. Be a responsible owner and a good neighbour - clean up after your dog. If you wish to report a "stoop and scoop" problem, please submit an online complaint.
How can I report a dead animal on the road?
Contact Animal Services at 905-623-7651.
What is rabies?
Rabies is a viral disease that attacks the central nervous system of warm-blooded animals, including humans. In Canada, the animals that most often transmit rabies are foxes, skunks, bats and raccoons. Learn more about Rabies on the Region of Durham's website.
Are you available after hours?
Clarington's Animal Services does not provide after hour services. View our regular business hours. If you are in immediate risk of harm from an aggressive animal or suspected rabid animal, contact Durham Regional Police Services (DRPS) at 905-579-1520. For all other inquiries, please leave a message with the Animal Shelter at 905-623-7651. We will return your call the following business day.
How can I keep my pet safe during the summer?
Ensure your pet always has access to water and a well-ventilated area. If travelling, plan ahead to avoid unnecessary stops with your pet in the vehicle. The Ontario SPCA has more tips on keeping your pet safe.
If I lose my dog or cat after hours, what should I do?
Contact local veterinarians and contact the Animal Shelter leaving information about your lost pet.
Where is your shelter located?
The Clarington Animal Shelter is located at 33 Lake Road, Bowmanville, Ontario. Take Liberty Street South to Lake Road. The Shelter is on the southeast corner.
How can I report an animal in distress?

During regular business hours, Municipal Law Enforcement Officers can address minimum care requirements under the Responsible Pet Owners By-Law

If an animal is in distress and requires immediate help to ease its suffering or to preserve life, Animal Welfare Hotline at 1-833-9ANIMAL (1-833-926-4625).

How can I report sick or injured wildlife?
During regular business hours, call the Animal Shelter at 905-623-7651.
Does Animal Services pick up stray cats and dogs?
Animal Services provides shelter for stray dogs and assists in reuniting them with their owners. Animal Services is a limited admission facility for stray cats and may admit depending on individual needs and assessment.
How can I report animal bites or scratches?
Report all bites and scratches to the Durham Region Health Department at 1-800-372-1102. Also, notify Animal Services so we can assist with the prevention of future incidents from occurring.
Does my cat have to be on a leash if outside?
Yes. The Responsible Pet Owners By-Law requires all pets to be leashed within Clarington.
Does Clarington have any leash-free areas?
Yes, we have three leash-free dog parks.
Do you know of any low-cost sterilization clinics for my dog/cat? 
Currently, all spay/neuter clinics are located outside of Durham Region. The Ontario SPCA has more information.
How many cats and dogs can I own as a resident of Clarington?
No person shall keep more than three dogs and three unaltered cats on a property without a special permit. Refer to the Responsible Pet Owners By-Law for more information.
How do I file an animal complaint?
Animal Services does not respond to anonymous complaints. Leave a detailed message including contact name, address, and phone number so we can clarify any details if required. The direct line to the Animal Shelter is 905-623-7651, or you can submit an online complaint.
How can I report a non-emergency dog and cat by-law violation?
Animal Services does not respond to anonymous complaints. To report a breach of the Responsible Pet Owners By-Law, please call the Animal Shelter at 905-623-7651 or submit an online complaint.
I am having problems with raccoons, squirrels, and skunks. What can I do?
Animal Services Staff may provide suggestions and tips to assist with either unexpected or persistent wildlife problems. For concerns involving personal property, contact local pest control services.
I am concerned that my neighbours are not taking proper care of their dog. What can I do?
Contact Animal Services during regular business hours regarding minimum care requirements. For all concerns regarding animals in distress or immediate danger, you may contact the Animal Welfare Hotline at 1-833-9ANIMAL (1-833-926-4625).
What do I do if an animal attacked my livestock?
If the livestock survived the attack, contact your veterinarian. If you suspect a dog attacked the livestock, then please contact Animal Services by submitting a complaint online, or by phone during regular office hours. If you suspect a predator other than a dog attacked the livestock, please read the details regarding the Livestock Claims Process.


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