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Livestock Claims Process


If you have lost livestock and poultry to certain animal predators, you are entitled to seek compensation under the Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program.

Livestock and poultry producers can make claims to their local municipality to try and recoup losses.

The Clerk's Division processes claims for killed or injured livestock caused by wildlife as outlined in the Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program. Provincial regulations establish maximum amounts of compensation.

If you believe you have lost livestock or poultry because of a predator, you should immediately notify the Livestock Valuer within 48 hours.

Damage caused by dogs

If the Valuer determines that the damage to livestock and poultry was caused by a stray dog that is not normally found on the premises, the claimant is not eligible for compensation through this program. Instead, the process set out in the Protection of Livestock and Poultry from Dogs Act should be followed.

The Municipality will compensate eligible producers after the Valuer has submitted the application to the Clerk's Division.

More information on the Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program is available online. If you have general questions about the program, please contact the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs at 1-877-424-1300.


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