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Newcastle Community Park

A family walking, baseball, skateboard park, pickleball

Clarington is building a new Community Park in Newcastle in 2021. The park will be located on the west side of Diane Hamre Recreation Complex.

Skatepark survey results

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Newcastle Skatepark Community Survey. We received nearly 300 responses, showing the high level of enthusiasm for the skatepark in and around the community. Skateboarders represented the largest group of participants (123 responses), followed by parents/guardians of future park users (89 responses), bikers (49 responses), and scooter riders (35 responses).

Community priorities

In determining the general priorities of future skatepark users, participants were asked to rank the importance of a series of potential skatepark features. The image below shows the top five features rated overall.

Images of top five skateboard priorities: 1. Hips 2. Manual Pads 3. Flat Ledges 4. Handrails/Hubbas 5. Stairs Gaps

Top three features as rated by participant group



Scooter Riders

1. Flat Ledges [Rated 4.7/5] 1. Hips [Rated 4.7/5] 1. Bowl [Rated 4.6/5]

2. Hubbas / Handrails [Rated 4.6/5]

2. Bowl [Rated 4.5/5]

2. Hips [Rated 4.5/5]

3. Flat Bars [Rated 4.5/5]

3. Mini Ramp [Rated 4.4/5]

3. Manual Pad [Rated 4.4/5]

Site amenities

Survey respondents identified lighting as the highest priority, with 96 per cent of participants selecting it as being very important or somewhat important. Eighty-six per cent of participants identified access to shade as being very important or somewhat important.

Key changes to the concept

Based on the preliminary skatepark concept shown in the survey, participants provided many wonderful ideas and suggestions. The following are some key changes that were made to address this feedback:

  • Opened up the space and separated areas to accommodate more users at once;
  • Added more street obstacles, including basic ledges, a manual pad and a flatbar;
  • Added an intermediate-sized set of stairs with a handrail and hubbas;
  • Added more hips and simpler transition features for all skill levels;
  • Opened up the bowl feature and created a separated min-ramp area; and,
  • Considered the obstacles included at nearby skateparks to ensure variety.

Revised skatepark design

Frequently asked questions

Can the skatepark be bigger?
The size of the skatepark shown in the preliminary concept is based on the available budget and will not be changed substantially. As such, the variety of features that can be accommodated in the skatepark design is limited as well, which is why it is so important to determine community priorities.
Can a pump track for bikes be included?
Due to size constraints, a pump track will not be included in the concrete skatepark. However, we recognize the demand for a pump track and the value it offers.
Will the skatepark include lights?
Lighting is being planned as part of the broader site development, which will include a variety of other recreation amenities.
Is the skatepark cast-place concrete or prefabricated?
The new skatepark will be a cast-in-place concrete skatepark, and not a prefabricated skatepark.

Skateboard park timeline

  • Online community survey (December 23, 2020, to January 8, 2021)
  • Review revised skatepark concept (March 2021)
  • Present final skatepark concept (March 2021)
  • Skatepark construction begins (Spring 2021)
  • Skatepark construction completed (Summer 2021)


Sean Bagshaw, Manager of Infrastructure
905-623-3379 ext. 2320


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