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Clarington's Municipal Law Enforcement Officers respond to sick or injured wildlife calls during regular business hours.

If wildlife poses a threat to the public, safety officers will attend to assist in determining behaviour. If there is an immediate threat to public safety, contact Durham Regional Police at 905-579-1520.

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Tips to wildlife-proof your home

The fall is a great time to do any building repairs. Any wildlife that may have entered in the spring to have babies will usually be willing to leave in the fall when their young are grown.

  • Keep your barbecue free of grease and keep your barbecue area clean.
  • After cleaning your chimney, place a cap over it. Be sure to check your chimney each year.
  • Check exterior vents, such as dryer, stove, and bathroom vents. After ensuring there are no animals trapped in the vent, place a screen or vent cover over the vent.
  • Store your garbage in a container with a tight fitting lid. If possible, store containers in your garage or shed until the day of pick up. Use a repellent such as oil of mustard or mothballs on the bottom of garbage container. This has been used to prevent animals from getting into the garbage.
  • Fill and repair holes in your roof, attic and deck to prevent unwanted residents. Before doing this please make sure that there are no animals/birds trapped inside. It is also helpful to trim back any overhanging branches and install motion-sensitive outdoor lights or sprinklers.
  • Clean out your window wells and place a cover or screen over them.
  • Treat your lawn for grubs. Grubs make excellent meals for raccoons and skunks.

For more information visit Ontario's Wildlife and Nature website.


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