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Clarington Mayor urges province to focus on nuclear power as a safe, clean, affordable, reliable source of energy in its long-term plan

Clarington December 19, 2016/- The Municipality of Clarington is urging Ontario to continue to focus on nuclear power as part of its overall energy supply strategy. The province has asked for feedback as it develops its Long-Term Energy Plan. In a letter to the Ministry of Energy, Clarington Mayor Adrian Foster outlined the Municipality’s support for nuclear power, specifically Ontario Power Generation’s Darlington Refurbishment Project as well as Ontario’s move to extend operations at the Pickering Nuclear Station until 2024. The extension of the Pickering operations will allow for a steady supply of power as two of Ontario’s major nuclear power suppliers, Darlington and Bruce, undergo refurbishment. Mayor Foster also asked the province to move ahead with a proposal to build two new reactors at Darlington to replace the supply of nuclear energy that will be lost once the Pickering Nuclear Station is decommissioned.

“We are a proud host of one of the world’s top performing nuclear stations, Darlington Nuclear,” outlined Mayor Foster in his submission letter. “The announcement to refurbish Darlington was welcomed in our community. Further, our municipality is supportive of a future new build at Darlington, we are eager to see future nuclear development come to fruition, along with the skilled trades jobs it will bring,” explained Mayor Foster.

The $12.8 billion Darlington Refurbishment Project will create an average of 14,200 jobs a year for the next 30 years. It involves over 60 companies, working on the refurbishment of all four reactors. The Municipality of Clarington supports nuclear power as a safe, clean, cost-effective, reliable source of energy in Ontario.

“The future of electricity production in the province of Ontario must be clean and low cost,” writes Mayor Foster. “As a Municipality, we and our residents struggle with the cost of electricity, particularly the global adjustment portion of our bill. We trust that will be addressed moving forward,” added Mayor Foster.

The Canadian Association of Nuclear Host Communities, chaired by Mayor Adrian Foster, also supports the role nuclear energy plays in Ontario. The Association submitted its comments to the province in support of nuclear generation to assist the province with its need to create a “robust supply of energy” while reducing greenhouse gases.

Clarington’s submission to the Ministry of Energy was also echoed by the Clarington Board of Trade and Office of Economic Development (CBOT), tasked with carrying out the Municipality’s economic development initiatives.

As a nuclear host community, Clarington believes nuclear will continue to supply much-needed energy in Ontario, contributing vastly to the economy of the province while providing electricity that is clean and affordable.

In his concluding remarks, Mayor Foster explained the integral role nuclear power plays within the Municipality, “In Clarington, there is a wide and deep community support for nuclear. It is woven into the very fabric of our community.”


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