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Climate Action Planning: Clarington leads the way

 Clarington November 19, 2019/- Clarington is working on eleven key initiatives to lead the Municipality’s response to climate change, including the development of a corporate Climate Action Plan.

As outlined in a report to Council, Clarington is making huge strides to create a plan for climate adaptation. The Climate Action Plan will focus on specific actions Clarington can take to adapt to climate change that are within Municipal control. The plan will identify risks to the community as a result of climate change and will outline how the Municipality will respond to reduce the effects of climate change. Clarington has also partnered with students from the University of Toronto School of Cities to create an implementation strategy for the Climate Action Plan. The implementation strategy will look at the challenges and successes other municipalities have faced in applying their Climate Action Plans to identify best practices. The strategy will help ensure that Clarington’s Climate Action Plan is successfully implemented.

“Climate is changing in Clarington. According to current climate projections, the Municipality will experience weather that is warmer, wetter and wilder before 2030,” said Doran Hoge, Clarington’s Climate Change Response Coordinator. “These drastic weather patterns will create challenges for Municipal operations and place residents and the local economy at risk. That’s why we need a plan,” added Hoge.

In partnership with students from Trent University Durham GTA, Clarington is developing an Electric Vehicle (EV) Strategy. The strategy will look at the role that Clarington will have in providing EV charging infrastructure and services in our community. Once developed, the EV strategy will be incorporated into the Climate Action Plan. Clarington has also teamed up with the Region of Durham and several other local municipalities to apply for funding that would pay for the installation of 60 EV charging stations in the community. Three of these stations would be located in Bowmanville. If approved, there will be more information coming on this project.

The Municipality has also applied for funding to hire a full-time Energy Manager to conduct energy audits at South Courtice Arena and Garnet B. Rickard Recreation Complex. These two facilities use a lot of electricity and produce relatively large amounts of GHG emissions. Any improvements that can be made in those facilities will have a positive impact. 

“Clarington is making huge strides to make a difference and reduce our environmental footprint. By creating a comprehensive plan, we can work on mitigating the Municipal impact on the environment. We are proactively working on adapting our operations and the way we provide services to respond to climate change,” said Mayor Adrian Foster.

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