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Notice of Adoption of a Zoning By-law for lands east of Regional Road 17 in Newcastle

Take notice that taking into consideration any oral and written submissions, the Council of the Municipality of Clarington passed By-law 2020-035 on May 25, 2020.

For an explanation of the effect of the oral and written submissions, see Staff Report PSD-014-20, and the minutes of the Planning & Development Committee meeting of May 19, 2020.

The purpose is to amend Zoning By-law 84-63 for the lands on the east side of Regional Road 17, north of the CP railway, in Newcastle.

The zone category of the lands identified in Schedule “A” hereto are changed from:
“Urban Residential Type One (R1)” to “Holding - Urban Residential Type Exception (H)(R1-86) Zone”, “Urban Residential Type One (R1)” to “Holding - Urban Residential Type Exception (H)(R3-44) Zone”, “Holding - Urban Residential Type Exception (H)(R1-86) Zone” to “Holding - Urban Residential Type Exception (H)(R3-44) Zone”, “Holding-Urban Residential Type Exception (H)(R3-46) Zone” to “Holding - Urban Residential Type Exception (H)(R3-44) Zone” as illustrated on the attached Schedule ‘A’ hereto.

The subdivision was originally approved in 2012 for 270 residential units. The intent of the By-law is to introduce to 2 “window streets” along the Regional Road 17 frontage, and eliminate two walkway connections from an internal street to Regional Road 17; to replace the 6.6 metre dual frontage townhouse dwellings with 7.6 metre street townhouses units and other minor lot line adjustment; and to replace the road widening along Regional Road 17 with a grading buffer to address the grade differences. This results in a reduction in the number of residential units to 268.

Subject lands East of Regional Road 16 north of the CP Railway in Newcastle

Any person, corporation, or agency may appeal the By-law to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal by filing with the Clerk of the Municipality of Clarington, not later than June 18, 2020, a notice of appeal which describes the objection to the By-law and the reasons for the objection, together with a certified cheque or money order in the appropriate amount prescribed by the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal made payable to the “Minister of Finance”.

Further information is available by contacting Cynthia Strike, of the Planning Services Department at
905-623-3379, ext. 2410.

Dated at the Municipality of Clarington this 29th day of May 2020.

C. Anne Greentree, Municipal Clerk
Municipality of Clarington

FILE NO. D14.ZBA-2020-0020


  1. The Planning Act provides for appeals to be filed by “persons”. Groups or associations, such as residents or ratepayers groups which do not have incorporated status, may not be considered “persons” for purposes of the Act. Groups wishing to appeal this decision should do so in the name or names of individual group members, and not in the name of the group.
  2. No person or public body shall be added as a party to the hearing of an appeal unless, the person or public body made oral submissions at a public meeting or written submissions to the council before the by-law was passed, or in the opinion of the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal, there are reasonable grounds to add the person or public body as a party.
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