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Fireworks Permit

Fireworks are discharged around Clarington to celebrate various events. Clarington has legislated their safe use as outlined in  By-law 2015-047. The By-law states that residents may only discharge fireworks on the three days immediately prior to and including Canada Day and the Victoria Day holiday. Anyone wishing to have an event involving fireworks beyond those dates must apply for a permit.

The Municipality issues Class A and B permits in relation to the discharge of fireworks.

  1. "Class A Permit" means a permit to discharge Consumer Fireworks. These are the traditional "family" fireworks that the public can purchase. They are considered low risk. No permit is needed for a person to discharge fireworks on their own property three days before and on the day of either Victoria Day or Canada Day. Anyone wishing to discharge consumer fireworks at any other time, must first obtain a Class A Permit.
  2. "Class B Permit" means a permit to discharge Display Fireworks or Special Effect Pyrotechnics. Display Fireworks are the higher level of fireworks. They contain more explosive and can cause fires and severe injuries. These can only be discharged by a qualified person. Anyone applying for a permit must have a licence issued by Natural Resources Canada. This licence must be photocopied and attached to the permit application. Insurance for Class B Permits is set at $5 million.

Vendors and the sale of fireworks

Under the new by-law, the sales of fireworks are more strictly regulated than in the past. Vendors can only sell Consumer fireworks to the general public. Display fireworks and theatrical pyrotechnics are strictly regulated by federal law. The new by-law addresses the sales locations. Whether the fireworks are sold from a mobile trailer location or from a fixed location (a store) there are differing fire safety criteria.

  1. "Class C Permit" means a permit to sell Consumer Fireworks from a Mobile Sales Location. Vendors wishing to sell Consumer fireworks from a trailer must obtain the Class C Permit.
  2. "Class D Permit" means a permit to sell Consumer Fireworks from a Temporary Sales Location.  This Permit is new. Any store displaying fireworks for sale must apply, be inspected and obtain a Class D Permit.

Note: Special events fireworks and pyrotechnics cannot be sold or purchased through a temporary store location or sales trailer. They must be purchased through a federally licensed corporation.

Permits are not transferable by means of date or location.

Applications forms

Permit application forms can be picked up at the Municipal Administrative Centre or downloaded online.


Please direct questions regarding the permits or application process to Emergency and Fire Services at Station 1 (Highways 2 and Regional Road 57).


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