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Liberty Crossings Neighbourhood Dust Cleanup Updates


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is currently being done to clean up the neighbourhood from the dust and silt?
General cleanup of the roads in the neighbourhood has begun. Sweeper and flusher trucks have been sent to sweep and wash the roads. A tanker truck filled with water will also be on site to assist with dust control. The Municipality continues to monitor the site on a regular basis to ensure the developer is proactively implementing dust control measures.
What is the current situation at the site? Is there a lot of dust?
The construction site has been stabilized and there are no signs of blowing dust at this time. The Municipality will continue ongoing monitoring to ensure the developer continues with dust suppression measures.
What caused this to happen?
A combination of weather events caused this unusual situation. Weather fluctuations with a lack of snow cover, dry conditions and high winds combined forced a lot of the dust and silt from the construction site on Concession Road 3 and Middle Road to disperse to the nearby residential neighbourhood.
Does the Municipality have dust control measures in place?
Yes. Each developer has to abide by a set of dust control measures. This does not mean that dust from construction will be completely eliminated, the aim is to keep it under control. In this circumstance, the unusual weather presented a challenge.
Were other areas in the Municipality affected?
There are several sites across Clarington that are under development and prepping for construction. Municipal staff went out to these locations to check on dust levels. No other areas of concern were identified during these inspections.
Who is going to pay for the cleanup?
The developer will cover the cost of the cleanup to the roads and sidewalks in the neighbourhood.
What about residents who have incurred their own cleanup costs, will they receive compensation?
Residents who have incurred damages to property during the dust storm can contact the Municipality of Clarington's Clerk's Department or Clarington's Manager of Construction Tony Ricciardi and begin the claims process.
Why was this developer allowed to clear the land completely in preparation for construction? Surely this practice aided in blowing dust?
This is standard practice for all development sites. The land is cleared in preparation for development. Each site is unique. Some are protected by woodlots; others are in the midst of established neighbourhoods that offer protection. This particular site is large and open, the combination of weather factors fuelled the blowing dust.
Does the Municipality have a plan moving forward?

The Municipality will continue to monitor the site to ensure cleanup and mitigation measures are being implemented. We will issue any updates regarding the situation on a web page dedicated to this at

Staff are working to refine Clarington's dust control measures to ensure they take into account different weather patterns as well as seasonal weather changes.

Some residents are concerned about negative health effects of this dust, what is the Municipality doing to address this?
The Municipality of Clarington has contacted the Region of Durham Health Department and the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change to advise them of the situation. The soil found at the development site has been tested and determined to be 'clean fill.' Clarington is requesting that the soil at the site be retested.
Who do I contact with more questions?
Please call the Manager of Construction Tony Ricciardi at 905-623-3379 or email

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