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Property Tax Rates

The following table shows the combined 2021 tax rate for properties in Clarington:

Property ClassCombined Rate (%)
Residential 1.150944%
Multi-Residential 2.015663%
Commercial Occupied 2.327018%
Commercial Excess/ Vac. Land 2.327018%
Shopping Centre 2.327018%
Shopping Centre-Excess/Vac. Land 2.327018%
Office Buildings-Occupied 2.327018%
Office- Excess Land 2.327018%
Parking Lots 2.327018%
Industrial Occupied 2.899340%
Industrial Excess Land/ Vacant Land 2.899340%
Large Industrial Occupied 2.899340%
Large Industrial-Full-Excess Land 2.899340%
Pipeline 2.106872%
Farmlands 0.237839%
Managed Forest 0.287736%

Property taxes are calculated by multiplying this percentage with your current value assessment. For example, the property owner of a residential home assessed at $394,000 would pay $4,534.72 in property tax in 2021.

Final tax rates by year

Municipal Tax Clawback/Capping Rates

Capping refers to a municipality's option to limit, or cap, the tax increases on commercial, industrial and multi-residential properties. The capping program uses a "Clawback" to fund revenue losses resulting from commercial, industrial or multi-residential properties that decrease in value by withholding some or all of the reduction to property owners.


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