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Council Highlights


Council Highlights from the November 23, 2020 meeting

Posted on November 27, 2020 03:10 PM

Council Highlights

Clarington Council reopens property at the end of Longworth Avenue to the public 

Clarington Council has amended a previous decision prohibiting the public from using the Municipal property on Longworth Avenue and Mearns Avenue. Council has opted to reopen the property for public use while adding certain safety precautions. Staff have been directed to remove the gate and open the property for residents to use while also installing a removable bollard to prevent bikes and ATVs from entering...

Council Highlights from the October 26 and November 2, 2020 Meetings

Posted on November 06, 2020 04:04 PM

Council Highlights

Council Highlights October 26 – Combined highlights including special meeting

Clarington Council supports Home Hardware privately-initiated request for a Minister's Zoning Order

Clarington Council voted in support of a request made by Bowmanville Home Hardware for a Minister's Zoning Order (MZO) that, if approved by the minister, would change the existing zoning at 2423 Rundle Road, allowing the company to build a building supply centre in that location. An MZO is a rarely used planning...

Council Highlights from the October 13, 2020 meeting

Posted on October 16, 2020 03:05 PM

Council Highlights

Council approves $750,000 to pay for railway safety improvements to stop train whistles at Cobbledick and Bennett Road crossings 

Clarington Council earmarked $750,000 to pay for safety improvements needed at the Cobbledick and Bennett Road railway crossings in Clarington to stop train whistles in those areas. The money will be drawn from the Rate Stabilization Fund. Wilmot Creek residents have petitioned Council for several years to eliminate the noise pollution associated with...

Council Highlights from the September 21, 2020 meeting

Posted on September 25, 2020 03:42 PM

Council Highlights

Council allocates $20,000 in support of diversity initiatives

Clarington Council voted to allocate $20,000 to support the development of a strategic plan for the Clarington Diversity Advisory Committee (CDAC). The CDAC was established to advise and inform Council on issues of diversity and inequality. In the current global environment, the Committee is focused on supporting the Municipality and providing advice on issues related to anti-black racism as well as racism in general. CDAC is working...

Council Highlights from the July 6, 2020 meeting

Posted on July 27, 2020 03:43 PM

Council Highlights

Clarington Diversity Advisory Committee updates Council on work plan

Clarington Council expressed its full support for the Diversity Advisory Committee while discussing a recent report on committee actions to date. Council approved the Clarington Diversity Advisory Committee in 2018 and the CDAC was established shortly after. To date, the Committee has assisted the Municipality in developing a Land Acknowledgement Statement and has provided advice on issues of racism. CDAC authored a joint statement...

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