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Lost and Found Pets

Lost dog

You can report a lost or found animal by emailing Animal Services or by calling 905-623-7651. You can also use the lost/found search tool, described below, to help reunite pets with their owners.

How do I use the online tool to report a lost or found animal?

Use the online reporting tool below to help track a lost or found animal.

You must first create an account before entering lost or found animals.

When reporting a lost or found pet to the Clarington Animal Shelter, you will be asked to provide detailed information including:

  • Location of where the animal was lost/found
  • Your name, address, and contact information
  • Description of pet (breed, colourings, sex)
  • Identifying features (collar, tags, tattoos)
  • Photo (JPG, PDF)
How long is the information kept?
Information on lost pets is kept for 30 days. Found pets will remain online for 90 days. Information should be updated frequently with the shelter staff or online.
Why is reporting important?

Clarington Animal Shelter has limited space to accommodate all the lost and found animals. About four per cent of cats admitted into our shelter are reunited with their owners. By taking your time to search for an owner and posting lost cats online you will increase our ability to have the pets returned home before being admitted to the shelter.

To prevent cats from becoming lost we ask all owners to permanently identify, license, spay/neuter their pets and keep them indoors.

Lost and found pet tool

Search for lost pets or submit information about a pet you have found.


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