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Road Entrance Permit - Driveways

Modifying your entrance or driveway?

If you are considering modifying your entrance or driveway consider the following:

  • What approvals are required to properly widen my entrance or to widen my driveway?
  • Does a driveway widening require the existing curb to be cut or the entrance culvert to be extended?
  • Are there any damaged sections of the existing curb or sidewalk that need replacing?
  • Is my entrance culvert in poor condition and possibly in need of replacement?
  • Are there any planned road works that may affect my driveway after it has been modified?

Road Entrance Permit

The Municipality regulates the construction of driveway entrances onto Municipal roads. We ensure that entrances are installed according to municipal standards in appropriate locations and provide for safe and efficient road operation.

When do I need a road entrance permit?

Property owners must apply to the Public Works Department for an entrance when:

  • The use of the entrance changes from temporary to permanent
  • A new building is to be constructed on vacant land
  • An entrance is desired to vacant property where no entrance exists
  • An existing land use changes to another land use
  • A Site Alteration Permit has been issued by the Municipality or a Permit under Ont. Reg. 168/06 has been issued by the Conservation Authority
  • A temporary access is required.

Approval from the Municipality is required.

An entrance application is also used in the event that a property owner is requesting a curb cut (driveway widening) in the urban area.

If you need an entrance permit, mark the location of the requested entrance/curb cut in the field and then visit the Building Services Division on the third floor of the Municipal Administrative Centre. Due to the department's numbering system and signature requirements, applications are not available online.

Inspection fee

A $75 inspection fee will apply. We will inspect the location, and will advise the applicant of the final cost of the work to be done by the Municipality. The applicant must pay all costs prior to the installation of any entrances or curb cuts.

Property owners requesting a road entrance off a Regional road must apply to the Region of Durham.

For more information, please refer to By-law 2015-040.


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